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Asana is a yogic posture or position of the body. Originally the “ASANA” only postures in yoga which is a comfortable seat taken for long periods of meditation.

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Categories of Asanas

The Asanas can be classified or categorized in various ways, depending on the application of the Asanas, usefulness to various physical conditions, a level of practice.

  • Meditative Asanas
  • Asanas for Improving health
  • Relaxing asanas

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Benefits of Asanas

A healthy and peaceful body is the starting point for advanced practices. The purpose of Asanas is to make the body healthy and strong and to make the mind peaceful and focused.

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Yogic Position Practices

Asanas are different as far as taking the position (slow and controlled movements), maintaining the position (steadiness, comfort & relaxation) and releasing the position are concerned.

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